Lucky seven wasn't so lucky for us today. My realtor called me to say that a family wanted to look at my house from 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. Only and hour? Sweet!

I dutifully cleaned up the house and loaded the kids into the car at the appointed hour. We went to Dairy Queen for ice cream. (Could it be that my conscience is poking me for ignoring the children in order to power clean the house/weed the yard? Yes, it could.)

Z, of course, chose the treat with the highest percentage of food dye. The better to permanently stain my cute outfit from Aunt K, she says. I chose an ice cream sandwich for Q, which turned out to be a big mistake. For some reason, he wanted to save the cookie part for last. This involved digging out the ice cream with his finger, which then got too cold and painful, so he kept grabbing onto my shirt to get my attention. When I fussed at him for wiping his hands on my shirt, he completely missed the point and gave me a big smooch on the shoulder. Leaving big chocolaty lip prints in the process. Sigh.

After ice cream and picking up a paper (Yay! Coupon day!), we had just about killed an hour and made our way back to the house. The kids had missed their naps, so I put in a movie in the hopes that they might take a snooze on the couch. By 4:40,the kids were zoned on the couch and I had spread my coupon junk out all over the ottoman when I look up to see two cars coming up the drive. WTF?

I open the door to a realtor and six(!) clients. I must have given her a completely blank look because she said, "I'm here to show your house...?" I handled it poorly. Not because I objected to them being there (okay, I did a little), but because I thought I had gotten the time wrong. I was all, "From 3:00 to 4:00....?" Then I realized what I must sound like and said, "No! Come in! Buy my house!"

I started to round up the kids to go play outside, but the realtor said not to worry about it. We stayed confined in the living room (even though Z was desperate to tag along with the group). I'm not sure staying inside was the best call. Can you say awkward?

What I could hear of their conversation was complimentary, but I couldn't get a grasp of their family dynamic to tell if our house would suit them. My first impression that it was young-ish newlyweds with their parents, child and kid brother. But upon closer inspection, it could have been a single family with a huge spread in the kids. Scenario one would be great for our house. Scenario two? Not so much.

It was the quickest showing ever, which probably isn't a good sign. Of course, it could also be that they were trying to get out of my hair.

Man, I am ready to sell this house.


  1. Oh I can so relate to this Rae Ann. During the last month our house was on the market, we had several people show up either earlier than their scheduled time, or later. A couple times we left the house, came back 15 minutes past the ending time for the showings, get out of our vehicle, and have the people just then pull into our driveway! What are these realtors thinking???

    The people that bought our house actually showed up early. They sat in the driveway for at least 15 minutes before their scheduled time.

  2. Good luck selling your house, don't you just HATE when schedules get changed without notice? Sounds like the kids had a blast with their ice creams!

  3. Least the relator could have done is given you a shout on the cell and let ya know they were running late. It's just common courtesy.

  4. Awesome blog you have here - just dropping by from SITS to say hello & have a great day!!

  5. You have 2 very cool blogs. I am visiting from MBC, I am now following you. Thank you for following me.

    Take care, Good luck with the house.

  6. I hope it sells soon. I know you have got to be getting tired of all the showing evacuations!


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