Am Classy

Well, it's official. I can check the box for 'white trash' on application forms. We now have a beach towel and a comforter hanging up for curtains in the master bedroom. The only way it would be worse would be if it was one of those cheapo fleece blankets with the picture of a wolf/tiger/bear on it that you buy on the side of the highway. Nice.

As soon as I hung them up (to make the room dark for the hubs who goes to sleep before the two-year-old), I had the uncontrollable urge to go to Wal-Mart wearing a tank top with my bra straps hanging out, pajama pants and fuzzy slippers. On the way home, maybe I'll swing by the tattoo parlor and get a tramp stamp. T said he was feeling the need to put on a grease-stained undershirt with some bib overalls - with only one strap hooked and the side buttons open, of course - and scratch his man parts a lot. Is that hot or what?

I have to remind myself that this is only temporary. I won't be living in college-apartment-flashback-hell forever. My gorgeous curtains will migrate west just as soon as the old house sells. The funny thing is that the only things I am really missing are those curtains and my french-door-freezer-on-bottom refrigerator. It is making me a little nuts that I don't have anyplace to put things away (as dressers/shelves/built-ins) haven't made/won't be making the trip to Wester. Oh, and a real bed big enough to share with T. Right now we are on a twin mattress (him) and a double air mattress (me), which isn't exactly conducive to a pre-snooze snuggle.

So for the time being, I will embrace my new social status. Maybe I will move my washing machine out onto the front porch and stack my recycling on it. And drag a rump-sprung couch with split cushions out there, too. Ooh, ooh! And I'll make a planter out of a broken toilet on the front lawn! Right next to the bondo-colored car up on blocks! Hey, this could be fun!*

*All white trash references are JOKES. If you go to Wal-Mart in your pajamas and do your laundry on the porch, more power to you!


  1. Comforter over shower rod - 15 dollars
    Tramp stamp - 115 dollars
    Trip to Walmart - 200 dollars

    Embracing your temporary lot in life with humor - priceless!!!

  2. Survival tactic or white trashness, always a fine line. Fight the good battle!


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