Creative Bloggers Showcase

I am SO behind on my showcasing! I hate to use it for an excuse, but man, this moving thing is kicking my dainty (ha!) rear! So I'm going to do a three-fer to make sure that I get all caught up. Lucky you! I am just blown away with how much talent is out there!

Creative Blogger One: Karen of The Polka Dot Press

Karen designs and sells gorgeous stationary and personalized gifts at her online store, The Polka Dot Press. Right now she has some sneak peeks of her holiday line. I am particularly fond of this one:

I just love the colors! I like the non-traditional twist on the traditional holiday colors. Looks like I know where I will be getting my Christmas cards this year!

Creative Blogger Two: Amanda from Confessions from HouseholdSix

Karen is a digital scrapbooker who blogs about her life as well as her skilz. Looking at her stuff is sucking me into the land of digital scrapping... I have been flirting with it for a long time with my My Publisher albums, but I'm not quite there. I might be now. My fave was this layout.

It looks like nothing I have ever seen in a scrapbook before. I love how it looks all hand-drawn and like she pulled it out of her backpack to show her friends. Awesome!

Creative Blogger Three: Suzy of by Earth Expressions

Suzy makes jewelry using unusual materials: wood, resin, paper, beads, leather, copper. She sells it at her Etsy shop, Earth Expressions. Many of her pieces are one of a kind! I just love that she is recycling glass and paper for her jewelry. I particularly liked these pendants.

The are made with paper, resin and antique silver pendant frames. They have images on both sides. If I weren't so deep into the mommy-blahs wardrobe-wise, I would be all over these!


  1. The jewelry one is really cool. I've seen stuff like the little pendants you have showing, and thought they would be cool to have. Never bought any before, though. Thanks for sharing!


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