Lazy Day

I sit here at almost ten o'clock at night having not gotten out of my PJ's all day. And you know what? I'm okay with it. I can get a lot accomplished while I am in my pajamas. Today's business included homemade pancakes, scouring the kitchen, and general clutter control. Also a little coding for my latest client at The Button Box. All with one eye-popper of a headache.

I was tempted to blame said headache on my new cute glasses (insert picture here. Oh, yeah. No pictures to be found anywhere on the internet. Rats!), but I had the same headache yesterday and I wasn't wearing the new glasses then. So I blame stress. Mostly because I don't know what else to blame it on, unless I am harboring an undiagnosed brain tumor. But somehow the fact that I stayed jammie-fied all day indicates that my stress levels aren't too threatening.

I am starting to twitch a little about the upcoming westward exodus. I haven't packed anything because my plan was to load up the washer and dryer then cram whatever will fit into the rest of the space. However, now that departure is immanent I am thinking of all these things that don't lend themselves to this method of packing: knives/knife block; assorted kitchen gadgetry; computers and Tivos and phones (oh, my!); opened pantry items. The list goes on and on. But packing is ugly and I would be hard pressed to hide the evidence before a last minute showing, so here I sit. Twitching.

Moving is such fun.


  1. The headache might be from looking at the monitor. Every now and then, when I've been doing ALOT of creative work or even simply typing at the computer, I tend to get a headache too. I find keeping a pair of cheap-o, lightly tinted, attitude glasses handy helps. Cuts down the glare from the screen.

    Oh...and selling the house. Have you thought of making cookies just before a tour? Supposed to give the house a "homey" smell. At least that's what I keep hearing on tv programs (infact just tonight on Royal Pains it was mentioned).

  2. Yeah. I LOVE my PJ's too. Sometimes I wish I could wear them all day. It's all about comfort you know?

  3. wow are you a bundle of energy. I fear I will never keep up...

  4. Thanks for following! I really like your blog. I admire and am inspired by your energy!!!

  5. Ugh, we're on the move too from San Jose, California to San Diego. My little apartment seems so HUGE when I have to pack it by myself.

    Following you from MBC Follow 100 club!

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  7. I really hate the whole packing thing involved with moving.

    But a whole day in PJ's? That sounds good!

    (sorry I had to delete the other post. I had a typo. ~Nita (MBC)

  8. your tagline about losing the baby weight caught my eye...I've been gaining and losing the same 10+ baby pounds for the past four years!

  9. I've been losing baby weight for eleven years! Love your blog--following you from the MBC 100 Club! Keep up the good work!


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