Newsflash: West Texas is HOT! To escape the heat, I decided to take the offspring to one of Wester's splash parks. (Splash parks! Small Town had nothing so fancy!) Wester's Parks and Rec Department has seriously upped its game in the 30 years since my Nana took me to the public pool with the lawsuit-waiting-to-happen high dive.

The splash park was AWESOME, but I can totally tell that I am not in Small Town any more. It seems that Wester is the town that sunscreen forgot. Those were some amazingly mahogany colored Caucasian folks. And tiny bikinis? Oh, my. On women who should know better. (Though kudos to the gals for having that kind of confidence!) Another fave fashion statement was the completely see-through cami over the aforementioned tiny swimsuit. Like it was hiding anything.

The kids and I just loved the park. The pool was divided into a giant (big kid) water slide, a 'lazy river,' and the shallow splash park. Our end had a climbing structure with a water slide and all kinds of sprayers. There was a giant frog slide and fountains that came up from the ground. The best part, for Q at least, was that the the entry to the water was gradual. He splashed around in water that never quite reached his ankles.

Z had the. best. time. ever. After about an hour, Q passed out in my lap. He slept like the dead in my lap for over two hours. 30 pounds of sweaty sunscreen slicked dead weight? Bring it. Motherhood isn't for sissies. In the meantime, Z flitted around the shallows and wend down the slide a gazillion times.

When it was time to go home, I told Z to head for the LGR (little girl's room) and she wanted me to go with her. Q was comatose in my lap, so I asked Z to put my shoes on my feet. Just about the time she got me shod, a nice grandma sitting behind me asked if I would like for her to take Z to the bathroom so I wouldn't have to wake Q. How nice is that? People really are nicer in west Texas!

All in all, this outing was a complete success. Time to find out about season passes!


  1. I've been meaning to get over there to visit and to that cool pool. I'll touch base with you next week if you'd like to go again. I wear an old lady bathing suit by the way...more conducive to chasing toddlers.

  2. Oh, that sounds wonderful. I'm glad you are finding things you like about Wester. Access to a pool is KEY to Summer happiness!

  3. I would love to follow.
    I am coming from MBC 100.



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