Creative Blogger Showcase: Chichiboulie

This week's featured blogger: Gretchen from the Boulie Blog

Gretchen is an illustrator/designer who hails from northern France. (Fancy!) She has a lovely Etsy shop called Chichiboulie where she sells original drawings, prints, and a variety of adorable odds and ends featuring her artwork.

What don't I love by this artist? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I could totally wallpaper Z's room with every. single. thing. in her shop! If I had to narrow it down, it would probably come down to one of these sets:

How much would Z love these little fairies? But these are adorable, too:

If she had a series of French-themed prints (poodles, Eiffel Tower, etc.) I would be completely unable to control myself! Check her out!

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  1. Cute. Wish I was even half that talented.


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