Good Times

The title isn't even sarcastic! We had the. best. time. playing with the cousins today. We met up with Cousin P and her two munchies and Cousin N and her four came, too. It was awesome! The kids all played so nicely together. This is a miracle as Z and her cousin C are cut from the same cloth and are born to lead.

We went to one of those indoor bounce places. Will the wonders of this not-so-small town ever cease? It was a blast and on a Friday morning, not too busy. Then we all caravanned to Cousin P's house for lunch. Her house makes my house look like we don't like kids. My kiddos were in heaven with all of the cool new toys. In fact, the only outburst of the day came from Q. He seriously DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE. He went from his usual mellow self to screaming like I was stabbing him. He kept it up for at least half of the 15 mile drive home. Whee.

Cousin P has been so generous with inviting me into her circle of friends. She has me all set up to go to her playgroup and to come to a trunk show party. Fun! This is so much easier than when I moved to Small Town and didn't know a soul for months! Yay Wester!

Cousin N says she likes to to the Wester splash park, so hopefully we will be able to coordinate that soon. I just love having family so close by!

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  1. Sounds like you and your family had a blast! I can't wait for next week to go visit family!!


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