Kid-Speak Cuteness

Being a wordie, I am enjoying watching my children's language development. Here are some of the things that have tickled me lately:
  • Q can't say the 'f' sound. I never noticed how many names he has to say that have that sound in them. My dad is F.A. = Essay. Griffin = Grissin. Sophie = Sosie. Quite charming!
  • T has to wear a blue jumpsuit when he is crawling around inspecting the underside of big trucks. He came out to show it to us and Z asked, "Why does Daddy have to wear a bouncing suit again?"
  • On the exodus to Wester, we played The Incredibles on the portable DVD player. Ever since, Q has been playing SooPiOhs! Translation? Super Heroes. After bath time, when the hooded towel comes out, he requests that I let him be super - which means running around starkers with a towel hanging off his head.
  • Compared to Z, Q has always been a little reserved with strangers. He is starting to come into his own, though. Lately he has started calling out "Hi!" and "Hi, there!" from his safe position on the front porch or in his carseat.
I know there are so many more, but awesome mom that I am I can't remember them. Z's vocabulary rivals a third grader's any day and never fails to impress strangers. Whom she love to talk to... as long as I am within earshot. Sometimes I wish she wasn't quite so advanced! It is like talking to a 14-year-old instead of a 4-year-old!

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