Well Traveled

The red states are the ones I have visited.

visited 30 states (60%)
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Not bad! Now I just need to make it to the other 20!


  1. column help needed! they are squished!

    you have done some serious state hopping!
    I'm curious now to see how many I've visited...

  2. awww, Utah looks so sad, unvisited by you. You are very well traveled. What did you collect as souvenirs? The same kinda thing from each state or if not what are your favorite ones, or fav states?

  3. Oh, I was wondering what that lonely grey square was... I guess it's Utah (thanks Mommynightowl)
    So why not Utah??? :)
    (I've only ever visited California, so my personal knowledge of USA is only based on TV!) x


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