Not Dead

No, I am not dead. Exhausted? Yes. Dead? No. But my computer is. I still haven't been able to try the last couple of alternatives before I have to get a new hard drive, but that little moving thing has been totally cramping my style. Hopefully, I will soon unearth the box with my Vista disk in it and will be able to get my show back on the road. Until then, wish me luck!


  1. Whew, I was really starting to worry! Come back soon.

  2. ok will be waiting for your return....

  3. Is that "not dead" as in zombie-undead or just your typical still-breathing-but-too-exhausted-to-type variety? [Sorry, I was at the premiere of George Romero's *Survival of the Dead* here in Austin last night with about 500 other zombie freaks so I'm still in shambling mode, if you get my drift.] Glad you're still around...in whatever flesh-eating form that might be... ;-)


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