Just Kill Me

When I picked Q up from Mother's Day Out today, his teacher asked me if I knew he, erm, played with himself. A lot. Clearly embarrassed, she was looking everywhere but at me. You could have started a bonfire from the flames I burst into.

Of course I know that he does it at home, but I hadn't thought about his doing it at school. We have tried everything from putting a onsie under his clothes to snapping a onsie on the outside of his pants, but he still always manages to get to the goods. We even have verbal shorthand to make him quit. When we see him digging in his pants, we say, "Hands up!" and he stops. For like a second. I swear, I have to say 'hands up' so often that it sounds like I'm holding up a convenience store!

Until he went to Mother's Day Out, he had hardly ever been out of my sight, so I know there hasn't been anything inappropriate going on. I even asked my doc about it and he said that some boys are just like that.

I don't want to give him shame issues where his parts are concerned, but I would like to get him to ease up on the joy stick thing. Any suggestions? Halp!


  1. Hi there!
    Saw ya over at the MBC, and liked your blog.
    I like blogs that are B L O G S.
    Not just give-aways and reviews. Me..I'm more into the journaling stuff.
    So I wanted to send you a note and say HI!
    I wish I had some advise for your "Hands up" situation. Maybe he will soon forget about "it". I had a cousin years and years ago that did that. Not sure how my aunt worked that out.


  2. For SURE dont give the poor boy a complex! My boys do it too! Always have and probably always will! (well, hopefully not in public ;)
    I would ignore it. :)


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