How to Hug a Baby*

Instructions for properly hugging a baby:

1. First, spy a baby.

2. Second, be sure that the object you spied was indeed a baby
by employing classic
sniffing techniques --
if you smell baby powder and the
wonderful aroma of wet nappies this is, indeed, a baby.

3. Next you will need to flatten the baby before actually beginning the hugging process.

**Note: The added slobber should help in future steps by making the 'paw slide' easier.**

4. The 'Paw Slide': Simply slide paws around baby and prepare for possible close-up.

5. Finally, if a camera is present, you will need to execute the difficult and patented
'Hug, Smile, and Lean' so as to achieve the best photo opportunity.


*Thanks to Chica for sending this to me.
This is not my baby, but I am confident no babies were injured in the production of the above cuteness.


  1. Wow--that is incredible on the cuteness meter. I couldn't believe it. Thanks for sharing it--I needed to laugh out loud.

  2. What a cute dog and a cute baby! Those are such sweet pictures. I wish my dog would be gentle with our son like that. But instead, he pushes him down and shoves him into walls as he runs past. It's terrible. We have to keep him separated from our son at all times b/c he knocks him down!

  3. LOVE the above photo's. Adorable!

    Grabbed your button and I'm following you.


  4. This photo is so cute.


  5. Oh! I've seen this before - LOVE IT!!!!!!!

  6. Wow that is like the cutest EVER!!!


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