Kid? What Kid?

I guess I'm having a bit of trouble getting back into the parenting groove after my AMAZING trip to California. I managed to pick Z up on time, but after lunch, I got caught up in an internet research project for the hubs...

I was watching the clock like a hawk and it seemed to be going very slowly. Then I hit pay dirt and was finding the info T wanted. I looked at the clock and it was holy-crap-I'm-late-o'clock - otherwise known as 2:04 when I am supposed to pick up the boy child at 2:00. Yikes!

Luckily we literally live on the same street as Q's school. I broke all land speed records to get there. He was the last one there. Again.

I am so awesome.


  1. LOL That happens to me all the time. Get sucked in and then realize you are late for something! My daughter used to just sit down and read a book while she was waiting for me cause she knew I was going to be late picking her up! Following you from MBC and LOVE your blog!

  2. Yep totally with you there Rae Ann. Soooo many times.

  3. lol!@ broke all land speed. This is
    Tee following from the MBC! You can
    find me here:



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