Rottin' Luck

No, that isn't a misspelling in the title. I am referring my great compost experiment. In our new yard, we have a little fenced area that the previous owners had used for a garden. I thought it would be fun/educational for the kids if we planted a garden, too. In all the craziness of the summer, we didn't manage to grow anything but a particularly lush patch of weeds and stickers.

What I did manage to accomplish was starting a compost project. I have a little scrap crock that I keep by the sink and about once per week the kids and I dump it into the bin. I was a little worried that my ratio of green (wet food scraps) to brown (dry leaves and grass) was skewed and the magic of composting wasn't going to happen - or at the very least, would be slowed WAAAAAY down. But when I went out to deposit this week's collection of food scraps, my compost bin was generating its own heat. Whee!

By spring I may have enough for a tiny corner of my garden! Sigh. I never said I was efficient!


  1. Congrats on your compost!!!
    I used to have a small one in a flower pot on my balcony (ah, city living)... Who knew a compost pile could bring so much satisfaction?!


  2. that's what my parents and grandparents did. Just threw their scraps in the corner of the garden. That and feed some table scraps to the pigs. My grandparents were farmers.

  3. that is great. That is the first thing I am going to start when we get a house....someday.


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