Still Not Dead

Got the dreaded voice mail from Chica today:

"Hey, Rae Ann! You haven't blogged since November 12, so I'm just calling to make sure everything is okay. Everything is okay, right?"

Everything is okay. I am just swamped. Observe:
  • T is in Austin at (yet another) training.
  • Z and I got food poisoning/stomach flu (who can tell the diff?).
  • I am making a Herculean effort to get the main living areas all gorgeous (or as gorgeous as they can be with a serious layer of dog fur on them) before T gets back from the aforementioned training. This involves sewing curtains and hanging (A LOT) of pictures, as well as the expected box hauling and trash collecting.
  • I have caught up on the appalling backlog of design work from when my computer died. (Sincerest apologies to Laura and Katie! Again!)
  • I MADE A FRIEND TODAY!!! Which is to say that the MeetUp group that I started finally had someone besides me in attendance. And she brought a friend! Maybe I can stop wearing my 'Will You Be My Friend?' t-shirt. It is getting tattered.
Actually, I have tons to blog about - I still need to recap my fab trip to San Diego! - I just am not managing my time well enough to do it! Soon, Chica. Soon.

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  1. oh your month sounds like ours i.e. stomach virus/slash/food poisoning -- we sure couldn't tell the difference either!hope you're feelin better.


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