Bah Humbug.


The following post involves money and bickering and other assorted whining. It is a buzz kill. If you are feeling chipper, move on. I'll see you tomorrow.

Ah, the Christmas season! The tree! The lights! The annual fight about money! Good times. Seriously, I might just have an aneurysm if T whines about buying gifts for my family again. No, wait. He already did! Arrg!

Like I'm just throwing money out the window! I have a budget for each person and I stick to it. I look for good deals. I use coupons. I. am. responsible. with. money. This year I even cut WAY back on purchases for the kids. Of course, it is easy for him to complain about my spending because he is completely excused from Christmas shopping for the masses. He is only responsible for me and any armaments/hunting gear that his dad might need.

He even came back and apologized after the initial freak out. I imagine it did look like a lot all at once. But even so, I had a full head of righteously indignant steam going for most of the afternoon. On the plus side, you can now get two cars into our garage. I worked off my mood viciously culling the flotsam that has accumulated in the garage since the move.

Also? I unpacked the liquor. I may need it.


  1. I think we all have those moments, especially when it comes to money. Good for you for having a budget and sticking to it! And double good for you for using your angst to clean out the garage.

    I hope you are having a great Friday!


  2. My husband grew up not celebrating Christmas. So, he gets a little upset every year about the money spent on gifts. He doesn't understand it. He gets upset about spending money on anyone except our son, niece and nephew. Everyone else deserves something cheap and homemade, according to him. Is he gonna make something though? NO.


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