Could It Really Be This Easy?

Z has a special little friend, G, at school. On Monday, her friend's mom stopped me in the carpool line to give me an invitation to her daughter's birthday party. It was a Barbie party, and Z was as excited about the Barbie she got to get as much as spending some time with her friend. (Until yesterday, we had yet to enter the world of Barbie. I am afraid that now that it has been breached, there is no turning back!)

So we get over there this morning (brilliant planning, by the way - the party was from 10 to noon, so the kids were less likely to be crabby) and G's mom took me under her wing immediately. She was so excited that Z had come, and it clearly made G's day. They were joined at the hip for the entire party. If Z was out of G's sight for longer than 30 seconds, she started calling for her. So cute!

I guess G's enthusiasm spilled over to me because she introduced me to everyone there (who all clearly knew each other) and stuck with me unless party duties called her elsewhere. Her friends and family were awesome, too. I don't usually do well in a crowd of strangers - it brings out my inner wall flower - but her friends were totally warm and welcoming.

When we were saying out good-byes, I mentioned the playgroup that I have on Mondays after school. She was so excited to come! And did I mention she has a son Q's age? How perfect is that! And (and this is truly bonus material) her husband went to school at LSU - the same school as my other new playgroup friend! (Makes for better blending.)

I am just amazed at how much more smoothly the friend making process is going here in Wester than it did in Small Town. If it hadn't been for the Lovely S, I don't know that I would have had any friends for the first several stay-at-home years. (Of course, once I had awesome friends there, I moved. Boo.)

I am quite proud of myself for putting myself out there instead of sitting around pining at home, as is my natural inclination. I am still pining for Chica and KK's Mom (among others!), but at least it is a start. Go me!

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  1. Good for you! I am a total wallflower... and would feel totally uncomfortable in that situation. But having someone take you under their wings and be such a support... that sounds wonderful!

    I have found since having Hayden, I am more out-going, but still... it's hard.

    Love your blog by the way... Feel free to check out my blog at: http://melner.blogspot.com


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