Oh, yeah. Blogs!

Since the trouble this fall I have gotten out of the habit of reading blogs. Maybe because my blog reader was telling me that I had 1000+ posts to wade through... It didn't seem to matter how much I weeded the list, it was too daunting to tackle. And of course there is the problem with not wanting to miss any of my favorite blogs' posts. I couldn't possibly delete those! Despite my valiant efforts, I have not been able to get the number of posts awaiting my attention down to fewer than 300.

I don't know what clicked this week - pre-/post-Christmas procrastination? - but I am back on the blog-reading horse. In the time that I have been MIA, multiple babies have been born. It seems like Amy was just getting her cerclage yesterday, and today she has a bouncing baby girl.

Ah, my imaginary friends on the internet! I have missed you!


I am a comment junkie.
Thank you for feeding my habit.