Snow Day

We woke up this morning to great giant snowflakes falling at an alarming rate. A quick call to T confirmed that we should probably just stay home. Of course, Z was crazed to get out into it. Unfortunately, by the time we got her dressed in all of her layers, the snow had stopped and the melting had commenced.

This didn't thwart her one bit. She went out and stomped around in the slush for around 20 minutes only to come inside and tearfully complain about the cold. She was easily cheered up with a cup of hot chocolate and a Christmas special on Tivo.

Speaking of Christmas, we bought our tree over the weekend. I tried to throw a little business into the local economy at a little corner gas-station-turned-nursery, but they had clearly been smoking their merchandise. They wanted $129 for a Noble fir. Crazy. We ended up finding a lovely Frasier fir at Lowe's for half the price.

We got it into the stand yesterday. Nothing like putting up your tree to get you in the Christmas spirit make you fight with your spouse. T is in charge of lifting the tree and I am in charge of tightening the screws that hold it into the stand. Unfortunately, something about holding up the tree renders my husband mute and rather than giving me instructions, he grunts at me monosyllabic-ly. Meanwhile, Z orbits us like a crazed comet bent on self destruction. By the time we are finished, the adults are grumpy, the kids are oblivious and the dogs are scared. Good times.

Z is obsessed with the tree. After the kazillionth time of asking if we are going to decorate the tree today (we weren't), she decided that she would arrange every. single. toy. she. owns. underneath it. She was determined to get toys all the way around the darn thing in spite of numerous warnings not to get behind it/not to knock it down. Once she had enough toys in the living room to constitute a fire code violation, we finally convinced her that maybe it was time to get the toys back into her room. So she dumped them in Q's room (it is marginally closer to the living room). When I commented on how nice it was of her to give all of her toys to her brother, she finally got everything put where it belongs.

It is only the first day of December. Please tell me that every day from now until Christmas isn't going to be like this! I might have to break out the big gun: Santa is watching! Make sure you are on his 'good' list!

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  1. LOL at "Nothing like putting up your tree to (get you in the Christmas spirit) make you fight with your spouse." SO TRUE!!!!!!


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