Call Me Murphy Brown (aka:Construction: Day One)

The big excitement around our house is that we have started the attic conversion project. Yesterday afternoon we handed over an eye-watering check to Eldon the contractor and the worker bees arrived promptly at the crack o' dawn this morning. The contractor estimates that the whole project will take two to three weeks. Do I believe him? Well, I believe he thinks they'll be done by then... But actually done? Um, no.

Our attic runs the length of the house, so we are turning it into an in-law suite for T's parents. We are adding two bedrooms, a living room and a bathroom. This involves re-joisting the floor to make it load bearing, a giant dormer, and re-ducting the AC system. I am pretty sure my first house didn't have as many square feet as this addition does! Also? We hadn't even finished the first day of construction before Eldon was suggesting spendy upgrades. No, I don't think it will be done in three weeks.

I managed a remodeling faux pas before the workers even made it inside my house this morning. I was getting ready to take the kids to school and all of my clean bras were in the laundry room. I made a stealth trip to the laundry room (topless, naturally, for maximum humiliation potential). I went through the garage so I wouldn't flash the neighbors through the kitchen windows. (T opens the curtains first thing when he gets up.) Eyes on the prize, I grab the bra and only then notice that the blinds were open. And the workers were sitting my my driveway. Awesome.

Maybe they will continue to show up early in hopes for a repeat performance?


  1. Oh how exciting! I dream of converting our attic into livable space.

  2. When the contractors said they would be finished in 2 weeks, I had flash backs of the Tom Hanks movie Money Pit. Ever see that one? Wishing you more lucky than that!

    Maybe I should have tried the ol' topless trick to get our contractors out her earlier. You're such a visionary.

  3. Maybe this will get you a discount?!?


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