Construction: Day 10

Thank goodness they got the addition enclosed yesterday! It rained like god was mad at us this morning. (Wester floods like Venice every time it rains, but that's another post!) We had a little leak above the laundry room, but it appears to have been taken care of - or maybe it just stopped raining! The water was dripping out of a light fixture, so that was a little alarming. And disgusting. It washed all the bug carcasses into one big nasty clump. Good thing I'm planning on replacing that fixture, huh?

The workmen worked inside today. Duh. They framed up the ceiling in the addition, and put up the walls for the bedroom and bathroom. I had another panic attack when I went up to look (one of the walls was installed in the wrong place), but a quick call to Eldon cleared it right up. David came over right away and the crew moved the wall. Seems that he had been over earlier while I was out to snap the chalk lines and told the crew to wait until I approved them. But the waiting part was lost in the translation to Spanish. Luckily, no harm done. It is really shaping up!

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