Construction: Day 2

Well, I was clothed when the workers arrived this morning, so that's something. After they had been in the house for all of ten minutes, a guy popped his head into the kitchen.

"Missus? Your dog got out. The brown one. She is fast."

That would be Holly. The runner. Who is in heat. AWESOME!

Somehow, she had managed to dig under/jump over/push through the Great Wall of Wester that T built to keep this very thing from happening. I can't tell if she is too smart or too dumb for her own good. But I guess that is why we got her chipped. Sigh.

On the plus side, the entire framing crew was mobilized in an instant. I did a double time jog across the pasture and caught up with the guy who grabbed her collar. Holly put up no resistance. Until you tried to make her move. She does just fine until you try to force her, and then she literally digs in her heels (do dogs have heels?). I half dragged half carried her about a quarter of the way back to the house when she broke free again and took off. To the neighbors. With all the male hunting dogs. That aren't fenced. Gah! I don't want puppies!

By this time I figure it is time to break out the big guns: cheese. I run inside grab cheese, a leash and a jacket (I was in my gym gear - not approved for January weather!) and trot back out to continue the search. This is more running than I have done since it was required of me for phys ed! Huff! Gym? Huff! I don't think so! Huff!

Luckily for my not-built-for-running body, the ever efficient framing crew had caught her again. And put her in the cab of their truck - displacing an actual person who they made ride in the back!

Further improvements on the Great Wall of Wester have proven Holly-proof. And also people proof. It is actually easier to exit the house through the back yard, climb a tree up to the roof and repel down the other side than it is to get out my front door. Hope we don't have a fire!


  1. Naughty Holly! Yay for the framing crew!!!

  2. I see the purpose of the chip.

  3. Nothing like dogs to put some action in your life! Good luck with the construction and I'm glad now the fence will keep the dogs and everyone else in :)


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