Construction: Day 8

Wow. That is all I can say. Wow. When we got home from school today, Z and I were greeted with a 22 x 11 foot hole in the roof. By sundown, the whole dormer was framed in. They expect to get it all closed in by tomorrow. That was super fast! It boggles my mind.

What else is boggling my mind? How we are going to fit in all the rooms with the location of the dormer. T and I are both puzzled as to its placement. It seems like it should be about three feet to the north to allow for the bedroom and the bathroom. Originally, the bedroom was to go all the way across the far end of the attic. But the placement of the dormer would make the bedroom way too little. And the bathroom? If the plumbing drain wasn't already there, I would have NO idea where to put it.

Wouldn't that be a bitch if it was a ginormous goof?

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