Construction: Day 9

Like ants swarming to repair an ant hill, the framers swarmed my roof all. day. long. The gable is now entirely enclosed - including windows. This is really a good thing because tomorrow we have rain in the forecast and bitter cold is coming by Friday. I am really glad not to have a gaping hole in my roof exposed to the elements!

Eldon and David came by this afternoon to talk about where the walls will go. Last night's panic has abated. The bedroom is going to be an odd shape, but should have enough room to accommodate the two beds required by my in-laws. The bathroom is going to turn out okay, too. The potty will be under a sloped ceiling, but since you mostly sit down on it, it shouldn't be a big deal.

The living area will be divided into two areas. The smaller attic-y area will be the snacks and games space. I'll put in a table and chairs for board games/puzzles/cards. We are hoping to have a snack kitchen with a microwave and mini-fridge and, if we are lucky, a sink. The larger area under the gable will be the main living area with a TV and couches. Guess I'll be haunting Craig's List and eBay until I find something cheap but not hideous!

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