Decade in Review

Melissa stole this idea from Ian, and I thought it was such a good idea that I am stealing it, too!

2000 - Finally settled into a teaching job that didn't make me want to slit my wrists
2001 - Moved into my dream teaching job: Talented and Gifted; met T
2002 - Bought my first house and did a studs-out reno of the kitchen with my dad
2003 - Got engaged to T
2004 - Got married; quit teaching; got pregnant; moved to Small Town
2005 - Z was born!
2006 - Mom diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease; lost my sweet cat, Lexi, at 16.
2007 - Q was born! Mom can no longer live at home.
2008 - Started blogging and started The Button Box
2009 - Fifth wedding anniversary - we were supposed to go on an island vacation, but instead we bought a house and moved to Wester

It's crazy the changes ten years can bring (especially '04)! I'm sure the next ten will be a wild ride, too!


  1. It is crazy what all happens in 10 years!

    Go Ian for this idea!!!

    My "big year" was 2003: graduated college, got married, bought a home, got a job.

    And thanks for the "link-back!"

    - Melissa

  2. It's been a big decade for you! Lots of great things and changes! I hope your mom is doing well. My grandmother has dementia and it is tough.

  3. CRAZY!! Seems weird to see it all laid out like that. I might have to steal this idear for my foolishness.

  4. I think I'm gonna steal, I mean borrow this idea from you. Reading your decade in review has inspired me to review mine.....I pray I can think of something interesting for each year.


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