Frozen Family Fun

Our weekend at the ranch was CO-O-O-O-LD. We have been having unusually cold weather here in west Texas, so it should have been no surprise that the stock tanks were frozen over. But somehow, it was. T and I were so tickled when we discovered it, that we immediately went and got his mom to show her, too. "Look, Ma! That there water done turned hard!" We're simple folk. It apparently doesn't take much to amuse/amaze us.

Anyhoo, the next morning we loaded the kiddos into the Bronco and we all went to see the amazing phenomena that is frozen water in winter. (I think I might feel a couple IQ points leaking out as I type this.) We then entertained ourselves (for way longer than you would think was possible) by throwing rocks of ever increasing size onto the ice until we got one to go through. A good time was had by all!

My favorite part, though, was the evidence that a duck had had a serious surprise upon landing - in the form of a bunch of feathers scattered on the ice where it crashed. That would have been fun to watch!

That is fish food scattered on top of the ice with the feathers. We imagine there are a lot of giant catfish with headaches from trying to get to the fish kibble through the ice!


  1. I love doing stuff like that! I went to the beach a few weeks ago and it was freezing but so nice! And really a lot of fun!


  2. Well that there is just good ol' fashion fun. ain't nothin wrong with that!

    LOVE the new background. Did you recently learn o=how to stretch tiles or something??


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