Holy middle-aged sag, Batman! I went to a new class at the Y yesterday called Power Cuts. It is a group weight lifting class. Every muscle group in my whole body aches. I sound like a little old man: I groan when I sit down; I groan when I stand up; stairs are a nightmare. Carrying Q? Oh, noes! I am not crippled up or anything, just excruciatingly aware of every movement of every muscle. Bun says she is sore, too, but only in her chest.

Apart from being all creaky and moan-y, I am feeling pretty good about myself. I have made it to the gym and plan to go again tomorrow. Yay me! And as a bonus, I have lost five pounds since Christmas! Just an unthinkably huge number of pounds to go! Sigh.


  1. 5 lb. since Christmas? That's pretty awesome!

    That class sounds like Body Pump... And it definitely causes some post-work-out pain.

    Going to the bathroom was hard for me... it definitely made it interesting and uncomfortable.

    Good luck!

  2. Good for you. Keep it up. I'll watch you from the couch!


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