Construction: Days 16 - 21

Okay, it's been three weeks now. Eldon promised we would be done in three weeks. Eldon lied. In his defense, we kind of had to call the game for rain plumbing.

Construction came to a screeching halt while one lone plumber (and his very part-time assistant) re-plumbed my entire house. They were the only worker bees buzzing around the house all week. Since it was just the one (and a half) guy, the change over from the old to the new pipes took two days. Nothing says fun like two days with out water! By the end of the first day, he had gotten the kids' bathroom, the kitchen (including the garbage disposal!) and the potty in the master functioning. It's hard to brush your teeth when your bathroom has no water. Blah. He got everything working by afternoon the next day. That was one hard working plumber dude.

I guess there were a couple of electricians buzzing about, too. They installed ceiling fans on the back porch (ironically, on the day the high temp was 34 degrees), but have yet to put in the switches or reconnect the circuit that will make the lights work. They also re-arranged the massive knots of cable wiring that kept getting moved aside as work progressed. Finally, Eldon noticed that all these cords were running on top of the floor that was about to be sealed up. Good catch!

The electricians also installed some can lights in my kitchen. (Clearly the electricians were around more than I thought!) The cans were supposed to be part of the kitchen re-model some time in the future, but the electric guys said that we needed to do it now while the floor upstairs was open. Sigh. So they got that done, too.

Z and Q are having a birthday party in two weeks. Are we taking bets on whether it is done or not?

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