Out of nowhere at bed time tonight:
Z: Mommy, when will Mimi get better?
R: (gulp) Well, honey, she's not going to get better.
Z: But why?
R: Well, Alzheimer's Disease, the disease she has that makes her memory sick, doesn't have a cure.
Z: Did she hurt herself? Did she get it when she fell and hit her head on the nightstand?
R: Nobody knows why people get it. Mimi got it pretty young.
Z: Did she get it when she was a little girl?
R: No, she was already a grandma when she started showing signs. Most people are old when they get it.
Z: Will I get it?
R: By the time you are old enough to get it, there will be a treatment to cure it.
Z: And we'll give it to Mimi?
R: Erm, Mimi will be gone by then.
Z: Gone where?
R: Well, honey, people are born, live good lives, get old and they die.
Z: Die? You mean go be with God?
R: Yes, honey.
Z: Oh. Okay.... Can I ask more questions about Alhyber tomorrow?
Could someone just rip out my heart? But who knows? Maybe my little precocious future doctor will be the one to find a cure. I hope so.

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