Construction: Days 32-35

The progress, she is very slow these days. I am reminded of my high school Calculus class where Mr. Larson taught us about approaching zero: you can get close, but you will never get there. (Kind of like 'infinity plus one' in reverse.)

The builders were able to frame up and enclose an entire new house on top of my house in a week, but it took them forever to get the trim done and even longer for painting. Actually, now that I think about it, there are still some missing trim pieces. Finish the trim in one day? Ha!

If it weren't my house, the listless-ness of the painters would be comic. The painters were supposed to come on Monday, but we had no painters. The main painter dude was in the hospital with some kidney ailment. Tuesday the painters (minus the head dude) arrived around ten and were gone before lunch time. At first glance it appeared that they had just been hanging out in the attic, but closer inspection revealed that they had caulked the trim. On Wednesday, they had to recover from the rigors of wielding the caulk gun, so they didn't do anything but deliver the equipment to paint the next day.

Today they arrived around 9:30 and left before two, leaving a BIG stink in their wake. No low-VOCs here! There was so much paint funk in the air, I assumed that they had primed the entire attic. Nope. Just the baseboards. We had to open the windows to keep from getting high on paint fumes. Too bad I forgot to turn off the heat. Here comes a $500 utility bill! Yay!

I picked out a lovely shade of pale cocoa to go on the walls (Harvest Hill in the fan deck). I think it will be gorgeous with the carpet and the tile in the bathroom. I wonder if anyone is ever going to ask me what I picked.

I did get to pick out the tile for the bathroom this week. I am so excited! I picked out a stone- look tile with a matte texture for the floor. It should be nice and un-slippery. Also? It has a tiny bit of sparkle. Love! For the walls of the shower, I selected a marble-look tile in cream with brown veining. The piece de resistance, though, is the trim. I found the COOLEST harlequin shaped tumbled marble tiles for an accent. It is going to be gorgeous! By far the nicest bathroom in our house. If it weren't for the relative lack of closet space, I would move the master upstairs!

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  1. I was gonna ask if I could move it up stairs, but it's far too good for me!


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