Happy Shamrock Day!

I was going to do something all cute with shamrock graphics and the smiling faces of my beautiful children... but, no. Instead, I got to remove much hated wallpaper. Good times!

Actually, I didn't hate it hate it, more like it was kind of 'meh.' Very boring/conservative/NOT my color scheme. So today - at the behest of the wall texture guy - I removed an entire bathroom's worth of navy and white striped wallpaper. Luckily, it had been hung over walls that had been both textured and painted, so the glue bond wasn't all that strong. It came down with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of mess. I still need to go in and rinse off the remaining glue and paper remnants.

It turns out that it was lucky that I did obsessively remove the rest of the paper. I was planning on removing it and painting the bathroom later on and would have been seriously ticked when I found out that only some of the walls behind the paper were textured. The previous owners added a water heater to that bathroom and tore up the walls. Rather than re texture, they just papered over the dry wall. Now that I have found it, the texture dude can do it all at one time. Huzzah!

It looks so different without the wallpaper! So much bigger. It is a relief for my eyes to have the paper gone because it fought terribly with the green/turquoise/brown monkey shower curtain and the rest of the kid's monkey decor. Now, to get rid of the balloon valance! It looks like antebellum underwear with a petticoat and little precious ribbons. Gag. So glad to see it go!

Any bets on how long it will take to get it painted?

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