I'm a Rock Star!

Okay, maybe my achievements aren't really rock star level, but I totally feel like people should be throwing their room keys and/or panties at me!

I have been working on a blog make-over for my pal Jamie's photography site. She requested the usual stuff: header and background. Some not so usual stuff: an original logo. And some stuff WAY above my pay grade: navigation bar with drop-down menus. The first three were simple, just the usual back-and-forth-ing to get the design just right. The nav bar has been kicking my rear for the better part of two weeks.

At first, I attacked it by creating a nav bar without drop-down menus. I figured adding in the menus would be simple enough. Wrong. Then I combed Google for tutorials, selecting and chunking code three times. Finally, I stumbled upon this blog, and all became clear. Well, sort of.

With that code, I could make the menus appear, but getting them to look like what I had designed in my mind's eye was another story.

So. Frustrating.

I had my dad look at it and no immediate code stupidity/ignorance jumped out at him. Finally, it came down to adding and deleting the same code fragment to each section of the style sheet until I got that part to look the way it was 'supposed' to look. Then I would go through with the next code fragment. Very slow, but ultimately successful.

Throughout the entire process, I could actually feel my brain struggling to make new connections. Boy, the squirrels that turn my cognitive cogs are TIRED. On the plus side, struggling to learn new things staves off Alzheimer's, so I am feeling pretty pleased about that! Thanks, Jamie, for building my brain's muscles!

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  1. i have so missed your blog while i have been away dealing with stuff!!!


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