Wow. I can't believe it has been almost two weeks since I wrote! I guess the construction chaos must be getting to me. In a nut shell, here is what has been going on for the last two weeks:
  • Q started running a low grade fever and being generally whiny. His back was covered with a pin-prick rash. He seemed to be over it by Saturday morning.
  • We went to the ranch for the weekend. It was a nice visit, nothing too exciting. T and I had a date - so I guess that was exciting! We stole my mom-in-law for a two week visit. Sorry GanGan! Guess you'll have to fend for yourself for a while! FYI, five dogs, three adults and two children don't really fit comfortably in a crew cab. It was a long drive back to the house.
  • Big. Snow. We had six inches of snow on the ground in out back yard. Grandma and Z made a real snowman with berries for eyes, crepe myrtle buds for a mouth and carrots for a nose. Q came outside for about a nanosecond, but didn't like walking through the deep snow and had to be rescued an taken back inside. The snow was completely gone by night fall.
  • Went to the open house at the school we are hoping to get Z into for kindergarten. Turns out I had been given some misinformation and the selection process isn't as crazy as I had been led to believe. All applicants take a qualifying exam and the ones who pass (50% and up) are then put into a lottery for the 88 available spots. Last year there were only 76 applicants who qualified. Half of the exam is vocabulary based. Since Z has a better vocabulary than some of the teachers I have worked with, I am confident she will qualify.
  • Q's fever returned with a vengeance. I called the pediatrician's office recommended by my insurance only to find that the doctor in question only practices in the NICU. Both the pediatric office and the family practice office could not see him for three weeks. Awesome. I took him to my doctor. Strep. Omnicef. Liquefying internal organs and flames shooting out of his butt. Good times. Turns out, his rash was the beginning of the virus. He had been sick with it for a whole week. Mom of the Year, that's me.
  • My dad came to visit! It was great to see him, but it seemed like the visit was SO short. Probably because I was in a mad scramble of birthday preparations.
  • Both of my babies had birthdays. Z is five(!). How can she possibly be five? I just pushed her out last week! Q is three. My baby! Where does the time go? We had a joint birthday party at an indoor bounce-y place with a pirate theme. Z's stuff all had pink bows. Q's was the standard pirate gear. I made them each a treasure chest cake. They turned out so well! There were more adults than kids there, but I think they all had a good time.
  • I got into a wrestling match with some CSS code and officially had my hiney handed to me. I worked on the dang code for a solid week and was unable to de-bug it by the deadline. (Sorry Jamie!) It irks me that I had to send her an interim code for something that wasn't quite what she wanted. Boo.
  • The nap time decorator strikes again! Well, sort of. I am (finally) painting Q's room. I spent the morning doing prep work and did all of the edges this evening. I think it is going to be gorgeous. Bun is coming over tomorrow to help me knock it out. She. is. AWESOME!
  • Construction is moving at glacier speed. Sigh. On the bright side, today I got to pick out some of the last details: carpet, stair rail, vanity, mirror and light fixture. I am SO excited about the bathroom upstairs. It will be prettier than the master bath!
So that's what has been going on with me. Hopefully I will get back to my regular schedule... but don't count on it!

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