Ten O'clock and All Is Well

For a little boy who spent three days in the hospital, Q is a complete wild man! We even went to the park today. Yay! He probably feels better than he actually is, but his coughing has decreased dramatically. Now that I think about it, I don't think I even heard him cough once today. We are supposed to do the dilator four times per day until his cough is completely gone. Guess I'll have to watch him like a hawk tomorrow to see if he is sneaking any coughing in! Even if he is all cleared up, we will probably continue on this schedule at least until his follow-up appointment next Tuesday. Thank goodness he has stopped fighting the nebulizer!

My dad had surgery today. He, too, is recovering amazingly well. Of course, he is the MOST STOIC MAN ON THE PLANET, so even if he was in miserable amounts of pain, he would never let on. Hopefully, he will get to go home tomorrow. Yay for advances in medicine that make a major surgery practically a day surgery! Sister L is with him now. Sister K will be in for her shift next week. I go the following week. I totally got the easiest shift - he'll be practically well by then! As he requested that I leave the kiddos at home for my visit, it will practically be a vacation! (The temptation to pick them up is just too strong for him to resist. Surgery + heavy lifting = Asking for trouble)

I am glad things are smoothing out so nicely.


  1. I am things are going well and that everyone is getting nice and healthy!

  2. Good news all around! Yay!!

  3. I am so glad that Q is feeling so much better. The hospital can just freak everyone out...I find it opens my imagination to all kinds of horrible possiblities.

    I'm also glad that your dad is doing well--you did pull the best shift, hope you can spend some time relaxing and sharing some time together.


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