Not Dead Yet

Though the killer germies did their worst, I'm not quite dead yet.  If fact, I think I'm feeling a little better, really.  (Bonus points if you get the reference!)  I spent all of my Mother's Day trip to Ginormousville sick in bed and trying to cough up organs.  Seriously?  A spleen?  An appendix? Who needs them anyway?  A kidney?  A lung?  I've got two!  No need to be greedy!

I didn't get to visit with any of my buds while I was there.  Boo hoo!  And I had to cancel the much anticipated trip to the zoo with the Alpha Aunt, Sister L.

The camp cot of a mattress we started our married life on? Not so good for days of convalescing.  I am SO glad to be back in Wester in my own comfy bed.  Ummmm.  Bed.  (said with Homer Simpson accent).

After a night of sleep on my blessedly supportive/not poke-y bed, I thought I was well enough to take the kids for our usual Monday play date.  All was well until Q had a blow out and had to be carried ALL the way across the park for a new diaper, then carried back again because he left his shoes at our picnic table.  It felt like I was sucking wind for the remainder of the afternoon.  And when deep breaths lead to extended coughing fits?  Bad news.  When we got home, it was naps for everyone - including me!

I have spent the last couple of days improving, but am still kitten weak and limp as a dish rag after the slightest exertion.  Blah.

On the up side, I did manage to get two items moved from the garage to their homes in the attic addition.  Huzzah!  Cough, cough!  Wheeze!  Hack! 

Oh, yeah.  That.  The attic reno is on day what?  48,312 or so?  And no, we aren't finished.  We are SOOOOO close!  We have been promised every week for the last month that we would be done by 'This Friday! No, really!  This Friday!'  Um, we'll see.

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