Photo Finish

At long last I have pictures! Ta dah!  Z's room:  now with more animal print!

Here is a comparison of how I had pictured them in my head next to a picture of the finished product.  Impressive, no?  I SO love it when things turn out just like I see them in my mind's eye!

Next I will be digging into the panel that I am going to add to the top of the bed-in-a-bag I got from Tar-zhay.  That sounds simple enough, but I have decided that I am going to make a border with ruching and piping.  Wouldn't want to make it easy on myself!

Luckily, my fab mom-in-law had a gathering foot for the sewing machine, so I am hoping that once I learn how to use it, it will do most of the work for me.  Of course, I am expecting a Lucy-and-Ethel-like adventure (misadventure?) before I have it mastered.  I watched a how-to video on YouTube.  She made it look easy enough.

Luckily, if it isn't easy?  I have lots of extra fabric!


  1. Freaking Awesum! Do you have a spare month to come to my house and do a couple of projects?

  2. Wow that does look fantastic!!! I'm with Jamie wanna come over and do my house?! :)


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