Rats! Foiled Again.

With only a few false starts, I was able to complete the valence for Z's room.  It is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it!  It turned out exactly like my drawings.  I love when that happens!

I have been mulling over how I was going to hang this behemoth valence for weeks now.  My dad built and hung valences just using nails.  I knew this method would give T a stroke so I decided to be all structurally sound and put up a cleat (2x4s screwed into the studs) and expected it to hang like... something that hangs beautifully.  (My simile skills seem to have abandoned me.  Darn.) 

What I didn't expect was for my gargantuan valence to practically LEAP off the wall once I got it hoisted up onto the cleat.  Yikes!  Mah baby is going to be sleeping under the darn thing.  I really don't want it to fall off the wall and decapitate her in her sleep.

The force of instant gratification was pulling me to figure out another way to get the dang thing on the wall without killing my firstborn, so I called my dad.  Engineer Daddy had several excellent and non-grandchild crushing ideas.  Most of which involved a trip to Lowe's.  Now, I love me a trip to Lowe's, but I really wanted to get it up now.  As in before bed time.

We hit upon a plan that didn't involve the purchase of more hardware, but I decided it would be prudent to wait to hang the potentially dangerous window treatment tomorrow while Z is at school instead of right before she goes to bed.

Man, I wanted to finish this project today!  Pictures tomorrow after I successfully adhere that puppy to the wall!

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