Z's curtains came together like a dream.  They are gorgeous!  I guess the good part about doing something in your head over and over again is that when you finally do it for real, it is a piece of cake.  I am in LOVE!  I'd post a picture, but all I have are the before pictures.  My camera died before I could take the afters.  (Shut up, T!  I already have the battery recharged!)

For the remainder of the post-kiddo/pre-mama bedtime time, I am going to work on covering the valence.  The trick will be getting the batting on and covered before Holly can turn all destructo-dog and rip it all off.  Batting looks a lot like dog toy innards - Holly's favorite snack.

Z's room is finally starting to look like a real bed room!  And not like squatters live in it!  Yay!  Pictures soon!

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