Q Speak

Q has had a vocabulary leap of elephantine proportions.  He has gone from being my little man of few words to a delightful chatterbox in what seems like a matter of minutes.  He still has a way with words that makes me smile.  Here are a few of my current favorites:
  • Are you going to eat/use/wear two both of them? (in any situation where there is more than one of something)
  • In the bath, when asked if he was ready to wash up, he raised his index finger and said,very seriously, "Almost.  Just one second."
  • Mama, I have poopies inside my hiney! (when he needs to go to the bathroom)
  • He has this adorable little r/l confusion.  Whenever a word has an 'l' sound, he does a little r to l flip that is SO cute.  Ex:  screw = sker-loo
  • Instead of slippery, he says slippier
  • To describe how today's 103 degree fever was making him feel:  Mama, I have a broken-head-ache.
Man, I love that kid!

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  1. We were at Kohl's the other night and Ro put her hands on each side of her head and said "My brain hurts". I asked why. She said "My brain keeps telling me I have all these ideas and I don't want theme because they make my brain hurt. ARRRGGGHHH"


    Yes, our kids say the funniest and strangest things. But they are always entertaining.

    On a side note, Hi. Sorry it has been forever since I commented. I've been a little busy...LOL


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