Spitting Mad

Neighbor Kid is at it again!  Today when he came to play in our back yard - because we have cool stuff to play on - he got Holly all wound up.  Again.  And went crying home when she got all jumpy.  Again.  This time, instead of threatening to sue us, he told Z that if Holly 'attacked' him again, she would be taken away from us.

I want to throttle this kid!  So now, not only is he bossing my kids around in their own yard, he is threatening to have their dog taken away.  Grrr!

I understand that there aren't a lot of kids out here in the sticks and my kids are the only game in town as far as playmates go, but if he is such a sissified scaredy-cat, he needs to quit coming over to the no-weenie-zone that is our back yard.  Big dogs live here.  Over-zealous dog-affection is the price of admission to the fun toys.

Neighbor Kid has now announced that his 'family rule' is that he is only allowed to play with Z and Q in the front yard.  Z and Q are only allowed out front if T and/or I are out front, too.  Maybe that will squelch Z's fascination with all things NK. 

Because the other day at McDonald's?  She asked me when she would be old enough to go out on a date with him.  I told her that since he will always be three years older than she is, she will never be old enough to date him.  Z totally didn't buy it.  She said she would just wait until she was a grown-up and go on a date with him then.  Just! Kill!  Me!

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