Construction: Day 4,893,339

Attic still not done.  Just kill me.

We are down to maybe a dozen small-ish items on the remodel.  And have been since before we left for Colorado.  If I had a dollar for every time the contractor said, "We'll get this knocked out tomorrow,"  I could have PAID FOR THE WHOLE FREAKING PROJECT.  Unfortunately, the biggest thing yet to be completed is the attic.  We have tons of stuff hanging around upstairs waiting for attic space to live in.

Just yesterday, he showed up to see what needed to be completed in the attic.  (An hour after he said he would arrive, but who's keeping track?)  First, he said if T would help him, he would deck the whole attic and not charge us.  Huh?  If the homeowner does the work himself... what?  Then he said he didn't realize how much room there was up there and he had to go get a crew, but would be right back.


We never saw him again.

That evening, a neighbor over at the in-law's new place called to say that the garage and gate to the property had been wide open all week.  T called the contractor to find out what the heck was up.  He said he'd left it open because he was expecting some deliveries, but that he would swing by and close it that evening.  Oh, and was 9:00 too early to start work on the attic Saturday morning?  (The house was still wide open when T swung by on his way home from his shift.  At midnight.)

Guess who was not here at 9:00?  Or at all?

I have a houseful of company coming next week, so I finally broke down and texted him about it.  He said he would be here as soon as he got a hold of the floor guy.  I promptly texted him back that I was more concerned with the attic, thankyouverymuch.  He said he would come over and do it himself in the morning.  Just call him when we were ready.

Are we taking bets on whether he shows up?

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