Mah Bay-bee!!!

Holy cow!  Could she be any gorgeous-er?  When did my baby get to be so big?

You can tell from her half-hearted smile that she is feeling a little nervous.  Interestingly, even though she did look so grown up, and in spite of T's predictions, I didn't shed a tear.  Z did.

On the third day of school when she got out of the car in the drop-off line and walked into the building all by herself?  Sobs!  She looked so little!  And her backpack was as big as she was!  And she ran in without even looking back!  Sniffle!

I am super proud of my big school girl!  She is doing great!

Oh, she wanted me to mention that she picked out her first-day-o'-school dress ALL BY HERSELF.  She was tickled to pick out the accessories, too!

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  1. So cute! Sometimes it's us moms who have a hard time with the first day of school and not the kids. Trust me. I remember... I cried.


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