Now that I have hit 40 and the baby-making-factory is officially closed for business, I have to liquidate all of the kid stuff that I optimistically hoarded held on to.  I have kept every stitch of clothing either of my kiddos ever wore in the hopes that there would be a third - and very well dressed - kid.  So, that makes almost six years of girl clothes and four years of boy clothes. Not to mention all of the accouterments two kids require: pop-up cribs (like five of them); monitors; strollers; changing pads; diaper bags; baby carriers; breast pump; boppies.  The list goes on and on.

I have been dressing the kids from consignment sales forever, so now it is my turn to contribute to a sale.  Q had a growth spurt recently, so yesterday I was culling the stuff that was too little as I folded the laundry.  That snowballed into ridding his closet of everything that was too small, which led to dragging out the bin of outgrown clothes.  The poor kid hardly has anything left!  He stayed the same size for so long that I haven't had a chance to buy anything in his current size! 

Once I had sorted all of the clothes into summer and winter stacks (the sales are seasonal, I can only sell stuff for spring/summer in the upcoming sale) I was already tired of the project.  There is just SO MUCH STUFF.  And nowhere to put them until the sale.  Blah.

Oh, my poor laundry room: dumping ground for all things homeless in Casa Critical Mass.  I need a place to hang the clothes until they are prepped for the sale.  With closet space at a premium, the laundry room it is.  The only place available is in front of the window, so that will be pretty.  Or not. Blah.  Maybe I can call it a window treatment?

I managed to cobble together the pieces for a hanging rack from leftover parts of other projects.  The stuff the contractor left on my front porch for a year has finally paid off!  I had a closet-bar-hanger-thingy from building T's closet last year, and another one that didn't work out from Z's closet.  There is about 40 feet of closet rod collecting dirt on my front porch.  Luckily, there was a piece just the right size for my project!

Once my cordless drill is done charging (the cold sucked the charge right out of it!) I will be cooking with gas.  Now all I have to do is attack the many bales of clothes in the attic... yikes!  Once I get them all sorted, all I will have to do is enter them into the computer.  And print the tags.  And iron every stitch.  And pin the clothes to the hangers.  And pin the tags on. And cart them to the convention center.

Man, I am exhausted just thinking about it!

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  1. She's back! And not just back but back in a *big* way! Glad to see it, my dear! Good luck with all your projects! I'm trying to get back to writing myself. (But in the mean time, I think I'll just update my photo! :-) )


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