So I Have This Blog...

So.  December happened.  Not that you could tell from the trusty ol' blog!

Lots of things happened:
  • Finally attended my first PTA meeting as a parent.  Turned out to be just a 5th grade Christmas concert.  Figures.
  • Got portraits taken of the spawn in their adorable Christmas regalia.  They turned out... okay.
  • I hosted a cookie exchange.  The hidden side benny to hosting?  I got all the extra cookies for the gal who didn't show!
  • Z had her dance recital.  Very cute.  But quick.  So quick that she was done with her number before GanGan got the video camera going.  Rats!  At least I got lots of stills.
  • Daddy's house sold, so I went down for several days to gather up the things from my childhood that I couldn't live without. Total sob fest.  Lucked out and got movers to arrive my second day there.  They beat me back to Wester!
  • Attended a Girls' Night/Gift Exchange with my besties.  Was so nice hanging out with them without having to mess with kiddos every few minutes.
  • Took Z to her first ballet.  We watched her cousins dance in The Nutcracker.  Z was a little distracted by the cousin and friend that went with us, but had a great time and enjoyed the dancing.
  • Hosted Christmas for the in-laws and two of my friends and their families.  It was lovely.  Great family.  Great friends.  Great food.  Made it most of the way through without crying, but still missed Daddy a lot.
  • Had a fun New Year's Eve at home playing games with friends.  Watched fireworks from the (new) upstairs window.
And a few things didn't happen:
  • I didn't ever finish decorating the house.  The stair rail on the wall had garland, but only a few ornaments and no bows.  (But the living room looked FABULOUS!)
  • I didn't send out the family gifties.  They are sitting forlornly in the laundry room waiting for me to make the dreaded trip to the post office.  Blech.
  • I didn't take the kids to look at Christmas lights.  This is a bummer because Wester does a nice drive-through display and I had hoped to do this whole I'm-a-good-parent-building-memories-with-my-children thing.  With hot cocoa.
  • I didn't finish my Christmas cards.  So now I have 80+ copies of the (much doctored) aforementioned Christmas portraits sitting forlornly in the laundry room waiting for me to make them into Christmas New Year's cards.
  • I didn't stick to my diet.  (See:  'Hosted cookie exchange' above)
Hope your December/Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa/New Year was great!

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