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I think that housewives of the early '60's - military wives, in particular - were a lot more hard core than housewives of today.  Or at least a lot more hard core than I am.  Every mom I knew growing up (admittedly a sample skewed toward military families), had to spend a year or more at a time as a single parent while their husbands were overseas on an unaccompanied tour and/or fighting a war.  It was just something that had to be done, and no one thought anything more about it. 

That was kind of a non sequitur of an opening.  Let me back up.

Shortly after Thanksgiving, the sergeant position opened up here in Wester.  We were very excited about it because if T got the position, we would be able to stay here forever.  We LOVE it here.  Our house, the weather, the schools, the people, the proximity to the ranch - all of it!  T was a really strong candidate and we felt very hopeful going into the interview. 

Unfortunately, at the last minute, one of his co-workers decided he was really excited about the position, too.  As he has 20+ years experience on T, we weren't terribly surprised when he got the position instead of T.  And we like him, so we can't even be mad at him for it.  Rats.

There are a few nebulous promotional prospects that might be coming up out here, but they depend on the cards falling just so.  And even if they do open up, they would be available for guys who are already sergeants before they are open to guys that want to promote to sergeant.  So now T is in a fever to promote.

So.  There aren't any positions here.

Today T applied for a position six hours away near Ginormousville.  A year and a half ago, I would have been turning cartwheels and packing boxes.  Now?  Not so much.  If he gets it, we won't be going with him.  At least not at first.  Since the end goal is to get back here, we aren't in a hurry to move out there.  For at least the remainder of the school year, the kids and I would be staying in Wester.  From there, who knows?  Back and forth for the summer, for sure.  But the next school year?  A total question mark.

I am zero percent excited about being a single parent.  I know I can do it, but it is SO not what I signed up for.  On the other hand, I need to support T in his career and this is what that looks like right now.  So I'll do it.  But I'm not gonna like it.

See?  Not hard core.

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