Short version:  I made cauliflower and bacon gratin.  I didn't even make the kids try it.  Blech.

Long version:  I signed up with a group called Bountiful Baskets in an effort to eat more and/or locally grown produce.  For $15 you get literally a laundry basket of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Now I don't have the best track record with veggies.  They enter my fridge all fresh and hopeful and leave it wilted and slimy.  The round's basket included a head of cauliflower.  I am not opposed to broccoli's pale cousin, but my family?  Not so much.  So I decided to disguise it in make make it into a yummy cheese-butter-and-breadcrumb casserole.

OMG.  It was SO awful.  I wanted to wipe off my tongue with my napkin after the first bite.  But then it was like a train wreck:  I couldn't look away.  I kept taking bites thinking that this one would taste okay; that I would finally get to the good part.  Um, no.

Too many breadcrumbs and not enough cheese.  It somehow managed to be both over seasoned and too bland.  There wasn't enough liquid to even get the breadcrumbs damp and the minimum cooking time charred the cheese on the top.  It was like eating an unseasoned shrub with a coating of sawdust sprinkled with charcoal. Gag!

I should have just served it with Ranch.

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