Sooooo Much (Left) to Do

I have been working on my list, but, darn it!, it just keeps getting longer!  Here's the progress report with new items added in bold.

Front Porch:
  • Install new front porch lights that I got for Christmas
  • Paint front door red
  • Paint porch swing (and possibly wooden rockers from my parents' house) black.
  • Plant Caladiums in the beds under the big trees

  • Browbeat David-the-Contractor into finishing the stair railing (it still wobbles).  Updated: I have been calling him about every other day.  He swears that he isn't avoiding me/my calls, but my railing still wobbles.
  • Hang family portraits on stair wall. 
  • Get mirror for empty frame above entry table.
  • Paint hideous brass chandy black and top with adorable mini-shades that were in my formal dining room in my last house to replace the much-too-small fixture in the entry.
Living Room:
  • Repair giant wicker flamingo that Holly mauled. 
  • Raise curtain rod and lengthen curtains with interesting (not yet selected) fabric.
Kitchen and Dining Room:
  • Remove hideous wallpaper.
  • Remove chair rail and upside-down crown molding.
  • Paint beige-on-beige harlequins on kitchen walls.
  • Build banquette.
  • Raise and re-cover Craig's-list wingback chairs to use as host chairs.
  • Make baffle for drum shade over dining room table.
Laundry Room:
  • Make cafe curtains to hide my shame from the neighbors but still let in enough light to work.
  • Install more shelving/open storage for the less-used items from the kitchen
  • Possibly paint, but I have no idea what color.
Master Bedroom:
  • Install crown molding
  • Touch up paint (in the right light some areas are quite patchy).
Z's Room:
  • Paint yellow pine corner cabinet white
  • Wallpaper (okay, Contact Paper) the back of her shelves with SO cute green pattern
  • Sew pillow shams and second dust ruffle
Q's Room:
  • Finish rope detail around his ceiling
  • Put together his big-boy bed.
  • Buy/make big-boy bedding.
Kids' Bathroom:
  • Paint sand and sky colors (like I had in the old house).  Possibly with chair rail, but probably just paint treatment with palm trees.
  • Select/install non-hideous towel bars.
  • Make frames to hang over the builder-grade giant mirror
  • Spray paint the TP holder to match other finishes in the bathroom.
 Sewing Room/My Office:
  • Paint walls palest aqua.
  • Convert daybed to 'couch' (a small construction project) and upholster with fabulous cocoa-polka-dotted fabric.
  • Build custom desk that runs the length of the room with space for both my sewing machine and computer, with plenty of storage for sewing and crafting supplies.
  • Make a window treatment.
Guest Room:
  • Add accessories that haven't make it out of storage.
Guest Bath:
  • Find some art.
  • Circle border treatment like I saw at House*Tweaking, but with more colors.
Kids' Den:
  • Hang art.
  • Get kids' computer stations set up and running.
  • Find a home for all of the stuff in boxes from my parents' house.  Updated: Making good progress, but there is still a looooong way to go.

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