Farmhouse Table Idea

I was at Tractor Supply the other day looking for garden supplies.  While I was there, this little beauty caught my eye:
My first thought was that it would make a fun mini-pool for the kids and when they were done, I could use the water for the garden.  (The garden is a whole other post.  SO excited!)  Captain Killjoy (aka: T) said it would make the water too hot for the kids and would never work, blah, blah, I'm-no-fun blah.  So I sadly walked away.

Earlier, I had been discussing my future kitchen/dining room plans with my sisters.  (You can read about that here.)  I am planning to build a banquette along the long wall of my dining room.  My current table is an antique Duncan Phyfe.  Every child-inflicted nick and gouge kills me, so I want to replace it with something a little more kid friendly.  I figure if I start out with something distressed, kid-damage will just be enhancing it, right?  Like adding patina. 

So a farmhouse table seemed like the way to go.  I found an Ana White plan I really liked here.  The chunky legs were what sold me.  I thought it gave it a modern edge despite the rustic materials.  When I told my sisters about it, they pointed out that a classic farm table would be a real knee-banger for whoever was sitting on the banquette, and a pedestal would be way better.  They were totally right, of course.  But how would I build a pedestal that didn't look totally DIY?

Enter the galvanized stock tank.  I think it could make a totally cool table base.  It is only 24 inches tall, so I would have to come up with five to six more inches to make it standard height, but I think I could cover that with a wooden base and the height of the tabletop itself.  If I was feeling particularly ambitious, I could even punch holes in the sides and put a light inside.  How cool would that be? 

T thinks it would be too rustic and wouldn't go with the rest of our house.  I think the contemporary eclectic style of our decor could handle it.  What do you think?

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