Thankful 2011 - Day 17 & 18

17.  I am thankful for my Aqua Zumba class.  I get all the fun of Zumba without anyone ever seeing my legs - which is good.  It is really hard to keep the rhythm with all that resistance!  Luckily, none of the little 'ol biddies can either!  A super workout.  My calves?  Are mooing.

18.  I am thankful for my friend, Bun, who is keeping me accountable to my exercise regime.  The goal this week:  hit the gym four times.  DONE!  I am also thankful for the awesome sub we had for class this morning.  She was a salty 65+ gal in a leopard print swimsuit and giant dangle earrings.  She had  big boobs hiked up to her chin and a J-Lo booty.  Best workout I have ever had in that class.  I want to be her when I grow up!

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