Trailer Trash

The ranch has been in the family for about ten years now.  So it has been ten years since we set up our base of operations: a mobile home.  A very nice mobile home (Seriously!  It looks just like a house on the inside with drywall and everything!), but a trailer none the less.  Well, the ranch is in west Texas - the land of no trees.  There are wind farms down the road from us.  In a word: windy.  Very windy.

All that wind has started taking its toll.  We have lost a shingle or two.  The time has come for a little maintenance.  My father-in-law was planning a trip to the home improvement store to pick up some replacement shingles.

Now, my FIL is an eminent physician.  A pioneer is his field.  Before he left for the store, he turned to us and asked without a hint of irony, "Do you think we should put some tires up there to hold the shingles down?"

I just about died laughing and then realized he wasn't joking.

Transition to redneck complete.

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